The House

This is not your standard gite, small and pokey, just about big enough to sleep in.  This gite is different!  This is a large 5 double bedroom farmhouse with a huge kitchen dining area, laid out in 26 acres.  You get to use all of it.

Front view

View from the gate. The white area is the bedroom area. The stone barn is the double-height kitchen and dining banquet hall!


The 5 bedroom area of the house is the white rendered area of the house, with 4 double bedrooms on the ground floor and the master double bedroom in the attic, overlooking the double-height kitchen-dining area.  All bedrooms are large double rooms, 3 of which have ensuite bathrooms, 2 have access to the family bathroom.

The kitchen dining area is in the stone section of the house and is double-height (no ceiling and no ‘upstairs’ – open and roomy from the floor up to the roof).


Beautiful stone wall of the kitchen dining area

There is plenty of room for you and your family to stay and enjoy your holiday vacation.  You might even want to holiday-share with some friends.