The Outside

If you want space to yourself, this is ideal.

If you don’t want to worry about bothering any neighbours, or being bothered by neighbours, this is ideal.

With 26 acres of space to call your own for your holiday, you don’t need to worry about neighbours annoying you.  And there’s no need to worry about your kids making a big noise that might annoy your neighbours.

The only neighbour is about 80 metres away. Beyond that is fields.


The view from the house towards the only neighbour. No noise-worries!

Between the neighbour and the gite is plenty of grassland, trees and drive / parking area.

On the other side of the house, the way the land rolls gently down away from the house, and away from the only neighbour, such that noise simply does not travel from that side.


The view looking East from the house, towards the apple and walnut orchard

There is about 13 acres of open grassland in which the house sites.  Then you can walk about 50 metres through the small forest (shown in the photo above) to come out into the open grassland with the 2 lakes (see below).

So enjoy yourself!

You can let your kids be kids.

You can all explore the garden and land.  You might want to play rounders or baseball for example.  There is enough land to hit the ball as hard as you can and for it to land still within our land.  There’s a challenge for you – see how far you can hit it 😉


View west and north.  All the grassland is ours!

The land is approximately in 2 halves, with about 13 acres in each half.  The house is on one half, with open grassland all around it, and a small orchard of apple and walnut trees.

You can then go through the forest path out into the other half (this forest is not currently owned by us, but we, and you, have access rights to use the lower path through the forest, down to the lake).

This other half of the land has 2 lakes; one large lake at the lower part of the land, and one small lake halfway up the grass field.

You can walk all the way around the lakes.  If you walk past the larger lake, you can enter our forest and have some fun in there!

This forest is about 330 metres long by about 50 metres wide, so there is plenty of space to have some forest fun.

Please don’t light any fires in here because of the obvious risk of fire spreading.

We do have a camp fire area down by the large lake, if you want to have a fun, fire social there.  Maybe cook some marshmallows on sticks.