Family Friendly Gite In Dordogne

Going on holiday as a family can be a wonderful experience.  Finding family friendly gites in Dordogne might seem tricky, but we’ve deliberately catered for you at GiteDordogne.  We have arranged numerous fantastic family get-togethers at our beautiful farmhouse and gardens.

A evening with family and friends on the terrace, around the Firepit

This family-friendly gite gives you the chance to relax and enjoy time together with your family.  We are also realists.  That’s why this gite also gives you space to each go do your own thing; by the lake, by the pool, by the terrace, indoors in the huge banquet-hall style lounge-kitchen-dining area – and then come back together.

Hanging out with family and friends on the terrace

The terrace is large enough to support a lot of people.  Plus the Jacuzzi hot-tub, plus tables and chairs for meals, as well as outdoors sofas and recliners.

Watching the sun go down, with a barbeque

Just down from the terrace is acres and acres of grassland, where you you pull up a deck-chair and sun yourself.  Then later, watch the sun go down.  You might want to take a barbecue down there to eat with your very own beautiful sunset.

Family by lake

Playing by the lake with the children.

A short walk down to the lake, the children might want to go boating or mess about in the lake.   The lake has a spit / promontory, sticking out into the body of the lake, with tables and log chairs which is a fantastic spot for a family picnic.

Kids boating on the lake

Kids boating on the lake

The lake, with family picnic area on the left

The area indoors gives you a lot of space to be together without getting under each others feet.

You and your family can relax indoors if it is too hot outdoors

In the lounge area is a large TV and 12-seater sofa area for plenty of people to get together, relax and have drinks.

Large lounge area with 12-seater sofas

This gite farmhouse is available for Christmas, which makes it  perfect for a multiple-family get together – maybe the family of your siblings.

Family get together at Christmas

There is also plenty to do with your children around the area, as a daytrip out with your kids.

In the nearby village of Jumilhac Le Grand, you and your family can go gold-panning in the river.

Just ask at the Jumilhac Tourist Office, on the square in Jumilhac, to book your gold panning trip.  We have plenty of spare welly boots you can borrow, but it can be done in rough old trainers.

Another great day out with family, which is only a short trip away from the gite, is the Velorail at Bussiere Galant.

Family day out from the Gite – VeloRail

With the VeloRail, you are on an old disused train track and with a buggy that 2 of you can cycle along.  You travel 6km out through beautiful forests and back again. Well worth a visit.

For other ideas for family day trips out from the gite, please see the other options on “The Local Area” page here.

To book this wonderful family-friendly gite in Dordogne please book using the Availability section above in the top right.

If you have any questions at all or want to talk through your requirements, please simply call us here.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Got a question? Ask in the comments and we'll get straight back to you...

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  • Deaas says:

    I need to organise a family holiday together with my (adult) siblings and their kids. There would be 12 of us in total. Can you help with that?

    • Gite says:

      Hello Deaas,
      Yes, absolutely this is something we can arrange for you. Please contact us using the “Contact Us” link below, and let us know how you want the rooms arranged. It usually helps us to help you if you tell us the names and ages of everyone, and their relation to each other, so we can best arrange rooms and beds for you. I look forward to meeting you!

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