Getting There


This gite is situated between Limoges and Bergerac, in the south west of France.


Your 3 best airport options for flying to the area (in the following order, best first) are;

  1. Limoges
  2. Bergerac
  3. Bordeaux

The closest airport is Limoges International Airport, which is 6km west of Limoges.  It is about 45 minutes from the gite farmhouse.  Map location here.  It is a small airport so don’t expect all the trimmings of a large airport.  There is a restaurant bar and a small shop.  For quickly getting to and from our gite farmhouse, this is your best option if you can get the flights.  There is a small car hire depot.

Bergerac Airport is the next nearest, after Limoges airport.  It is about 1 hour 40 minutes drive from the gite farmhouse.  Again, this is a small airport, only slightly larger than Limoges.  Perfectly adequate for getting to and from the gite farmhouse.  You can hire a car from here too. Map is here.

Bordeaux-Merignac Airport is about 2.5 hours drive from the gite farmhouse so is only wise to use if Limoges and Bergerac airports don’t have the flights you need.  It is a much larger airport with more amenities and a large car hire pool. Map is here.


You can of course drive all the way from home to the gite farmhouse.  It is not a small trip.  It is about 6 hours 50 minutes from Calais or if you are getting the ferry, it is about 5 hours 30 minutes from Caen, 6 hours from St Malo and about 6 hours from Le Havre.


You can get the international train to Limoges and then to St Yrieix La Perche.  You will most likely want some form of transport to get around and enjoy the local amenities so you may want to hire a car in St Yrieix if you havent already got one.

St Yrieix Car Hire

There are 2 car hire options that we know of here, being Europcar (15 minute walk from the train station) and Garage Bayonne ( – 4km north of St Yrieix, on the road towards Limoges).  You could get a taxi to either.

Travel Cost:

We have found that it is cheaper to fly if there are 3 people or fewer.  If more than 3 people, it is cheaper to drive, although you may prefer the simplicity of flying.


Head to St Yrieix La Perche or Jumilhac Le Grand.  For security reasons, we don’t put the address here for the whole public to see.  We only give out the specific exact address once a full booking has been made.