The House

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This is not your standard villa/gite.  This property is all about space; inside and outside, renovated fully in 2017 to a very high specification, with beautiful bespoke solid oak wood throughout.  Your very own large 5 double bedroom farmhouse with a huge kitchen dining ‘Banquet Hall’ area, laid out in 26 acres of grassland, forest and lakes.  You get to use all of it.

There is plenty of room for you and your family to stay and enjoy your holiday vacation.  You might even want to holiday-share with some friends and their families.

Your holiday home, showing the white walled area, which is the bedroom part of the house, and the stone barn ‘banquet hall’ lounge, dining room and country kitchen


The 5 bedroom area of the house is the white-walled area of the house, with 4 double bedrooms on the ground floor and the huge master double bedroom upstairs, overlooking the double-height kitchen-dining area.  All bedrooms are large double rooms, 3 of which have ensuite bathrooms, 2 have access to the family bathroom.

The master bedroom’s bed, with a glimpse of the balcony view


The master bedroom with corner-sofa and glimpse of the balcony out over the lounge.

Masterbed Ensuite Bathroom. Beautiful victorian bath on legs, with view outside across the upper orchard.

Bedroom 2 has a double bed and a single bed

Bedroom 2’s ensuite bathroom

Bedroom 3 with king double bed, log fireplace and views over the upper orchard.

Bedroom 4 with royal Four-Poster bed

Bedroom 5 with split-double bed (each side can independently raise/lower) and 2 outside views, over the front garden and upper orchard

The ‘Banquet Hall’

This area is a stone barn converted into a double-height (no first floor) area, giving amazing space and height, and phenomenal acoustics.  Playing (or making) music in here is beautiful.

You have a 10-12 seater sofa giving you a large social area to chat or watch TV.

The central brick chimney divides the large space into the lounge area and the kitchen / dining area.

So you can see this beautiful area makes for a wonderful family friendly gite in France for you.

The double-height banquet hall, with large dining table, breakfast bar, central brick chimney and 12-seater sofa lounge.

View from the kitchen, of the central chimney and lounge beyond the chimney

View from kitchen to lounge, showing the full height of the room


Log fire warming up the banquet hall. Note, pets only possible with specific permission. Small dogs only, and only in summer (winter mud).


View from the lounge to kitchen, showing the full height of the room.

The country kitchen, with plenty of room and lots of work surface, with views out over the large outdoor terrace patio.

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