The Villa Outside

Nestled comfortably 5km between a medieval (and useful) town and a beautiful village, this luxury villa rental gite is the perfect blend of accessible and peaceful. The house is set within 26 acres of spacious grassland, lakes and forest.

The views from the house are of beautiful, rolling grassland, edged with natural forests of chestnut, oak, beech and other mixed trees.  You can also see the lower orchard of apple, walnut and plum trees.

The view looking East from the house, towards the lower (apple and walnut) orchard

You can all explore the garden and land.  You might want to play football, rugby, rounders or baseball for example.  There is enough land to hit the ball as hard as you can and for it to land still within our land.

The land is approximately in 2 halves, 13 acres in each half, separated by a thin strip of forest.  The house is on one half, with open grassland all around it, and a small orchard of apple and walnut trees.  The lake and further forest are on the other half.

Luxury Villas in France With Private Pool

(Photos of the swimming pool and private pool area to be published)

Outside the Banquet Hall area with kitchen, lounge and dining area, is this beautiful and sociable terrace patio area.

The terrace patio (which is next to the kitchen and dining indoor area)

Socialising on the terrace patio with back-view of the grasslands to the forest far away

Flowers at the front of the house

Dordogne Holiday Rentals With Pool

If you want space to yourself, this is ideal.

If you don’t want to worry about bothering any neighbours, or being bothered by neighbours, this is ideal.

With 26 acres of space to call your own for your holiday, you don’t need to worry about other people annoying you.  And there’s no need to worry about your family and friends making a big noise that might annoy others.

The only neighbour is about 100 metres away. Beyond that is fields.


The view from the house towards the only neighbour. No noise-worries!

Between the one neighbour and the gite is plenty of grassland, trees and drive / parking area.

On the other side of the house, the way the land rolls gently down away from the house such that noise simply does not travel from that side.


View west and north.  All this space is yours!

An evening barbecue, watching the sunset

There is about 13 acres of open grassland in which the house sits.  Then you can walk about 50 metres through the small forest (shown in the orchard photo above) to come out into the other half of the land, which is open grassland with the 2 lakes  and forest beyond (see below).


View across the lake

Luxury Villas Dordogne

Flowers by the lake

There are 2 small boats, one of which is a row-boat, one is a small sailing boat that can also be used for rowing or paddling/punting across the lake.

Row-boating on the lake

You and your family and friends can enjoy walks around the lake, in the sun and in the shade.

On the spit of land which juts out into the lake is a large round table and log chairs for lakeside picnics.

You can also access our forest beyond the lake, where some of your group might like to put up a hammock, or play hide and seek.  This forest is about 400 metres long by about 50 metres wide, so there is plenty of space to have some forest fun.

Please don’t light any fires in here because of the obvious risk of fire spreading.  We do have a camp fire area down by the large lake, if you want to have a fun, fire social there.  Maybe cook some marshmallows on sticks.

One of the spit/promontories that jut out into the lake, for an idyllic countryside sit-down!


So enjoy yourself!

You can let your kids be kids.

To find out more check the availability, or please contact us here <<


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