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Unknown GiteThe right gites in France for you and your family is a very personal choice.

When you’re looking for a gite complex in Dordogne or houses to rent in France, you first need a list of criteria.

We took 10 years before taking the plunge and buying this beautiful, remote, tranquil and fun farm with 26 acres in the North East of the Dordogne, France.

But is it right for you?

Only you can decide that.  It depends on your criteria.

If you want a busy, hectic place to stay with lots of other unknown people around you, this is not the right place for you (although you are only a short drive away from a lively town at St Yrieix).

If you want a town environment to stay in, this is not it.

But… if you’re fed up with camping next to an annoying family who don’t quite understand personal space or acceptable boundaries, then this IS the right gite for you.

This beautiful farmstead has space galore – whether you want to keep it quiet and enjoy the peace – or if you want to make as much noise as you want and know it is not a problem with a hundred other people around you.


You see, one of my overriding criteria when we were looking for a place to purchase in France was that our 4 kids could go out as make as much noise and have as much fun as they wanted, without me feeling worried about annoying any neighbours.

(my other main criterion was that I could kick a ball as hard as I could and it would finish up within our land.  Here, there is 26 acres.  I really cannot kick that hard! )

The good news is we found such a place.  This is it.

So you can relax and have run, knowing that you are not about to upset any neighbours and that you too can kick a ball as hard as you like and not have to worry about asking a neighbour if you can have your ball back!

If you are looking for Dordogne villas with private pools or a gite complex in Dordogne, this is where you need to be!



Want to play football?  Absolutely fine.  There is so much space, you could have your own football ground… plus your own rugby ground… plus your own cricket ground.

You are welcome to bring whatever equipment you want.

Friends & Family

Want to holiday with your friend’s family too? Not a problem.  Because this family-friendly gite in Dordogne has 5 large bedrooms (2 of which are very large), you may choose to take your family plus your friend’s family or your extended family.  If, in addition, your friends want to come, they can camp, if all the rooms in the house are being used.  (Please make sure to contact us to arrange camping permission; it is not a problem, we just have to register it).

There is more than enough room for everyone to stay.

Obviously, if there is more than one family staying, this makes your holiday much cheaper by dividing the cost across everyone.


It is possible to have a larger gathering, although we ask that you talk with us first to make sure this is appropriate.  For instance, you might have 4 families staying, with 2 in the house and 2 tenting outside and enjoying the air.

We do require that you notify us if there will be more than 15 people on the property at any time, for legal and safety reasons.

With that in mind, invite your friends!

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Got a question? Ask in the comments and we'll get straight back to you...

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