Spacious Holiday Villa

Relaxing Holidays With Family & Friends

With enough space, indoors and out, to enjoy relaxing with your family and friends, this wonderful farmhouse gite will give you memories to cherish. Perfect for a large family or multiple families holidaying together, creating instant nostalgia.

  • 26 Acres Of Spacious Fun

    Yes, 26 acres of grasslands, forest and lakes. Enjoy strolling, games, biking, driving or boating

  • 5 Large Double Bedrooms

    Sleep up to 11 comfortably in large 'double' bedrooms, plus optional extra beds

  • Relax With Friends

    Our large lounge and 12-seater sofas allow for social togetherness

  • Large Country Kitchen

    Prepare food and socialise in this huge open country kitchen with 4-metre long breakfast bar peninsula

  • Outdoor Holiday Terrace

    Our outdoor 10m patio area gives you shade under the Caribbean-style roof and sun in the open

  • Easy Airport Access

    Easy access from 3 airports, Limoges, Bergerac and Bordeaux, or drive down in the car

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Your Friends & FamilyWelcome

Come as a family, or as a group of families or friends.

Fly Round The Gite

Watch this video for a flying-view of the house

  • Country Kitchen

    Enough space to move around and enjoy cooking or socialising

  • Central Chimney

    Warm, cosy nights

  • 10-seater Lounge

    Relax with friends and family

The Local Area

Just some of the local things to do

  • Water Parks & Pools


  • Chateaux Castles


  • Superstore Shops

    2 + 5

  • Tourist Office


Latest Gite News

Stay up to date with news on the gite, developments, France and more

The Outside

Inside the gite farmhouse is fantastic. Outside is just beautiful.

  • Open Grasslands

    For games, running about, walking or just enjoying

  • Forest

    Enjoy walking or making a hammock, den or rope bridge!

  • Big Lake

    For row-boating, fishing or swimming.

Love The Outdoors

Your Space To Relax

Beyond the large part-roofed open-air terrace patio is 26 acres of open grassland, lakes and forest.


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Gite Owners

We absolutely LOVE this place. This has been a 10-year dream, to own a large farmhouse and land in France. And we'd be happy for you to love it too.

Esther Ritson-Elliott
Duncan Ritson-Elliott
The Family