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Luxury Villa Bedrooms


Looking for Dordogne Gites with Pools?

Your holiday home gite, showing the white walled area, which is the bedroom part of the house, and the stone barn 'banquet hall' lounge, dining room and country kitchen
Your holiday home gite, Gite Dordogne, showing the white walled area, which is the bedroom part of the house, and the stone barn ‘Banquet Hall’ lounge, dining room and country kitchen

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We book up very quickly and early, because this fantastic place is very popular. So why not book now for 2025 and grab your holiday while it is still available?

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If you are looking for holidays for this year…

This is a luxury villa in Dordogne.  This property is all about space and luxury; inside and outside. The gite was renovated fully in 2017 to a very high specification, with beautiful bespoke solid oak wood throughout. People stay here who are looking for Luxury Villas in France with Private Pools or Dordogne villas with private pools.

This page below shows you all the beautiful bedrooms throughout, with photos and videos.

If you would like to view other areas of the property…

The Banquet Hall

The Banquet Hall
Your Own Banquet Hall

Large Heated Pool

Gite in France with Private Pool
Your Own Private Pool

The Gite in Dordogne To Yourself

We rent the whole gite and land out to you. We do not rent out this family gite in parts.  You will not be sharing it with anyone you don’t invite yourself.  The whole property is yours for the duration of your holiday.

Your very own large 5 double bedroom luxury farmhouse gite with a huge kitchen and dining ‘Banquet Hall’ area, laid out in 26 acres of grassland, forest and lakes.  For your personal use.

There is plenty of room for you and your family to stay and enjoy your holiday vacation.  You might even want to holiday-share with some friends and their families.

Gite villa viewed from the gate. dordogne villas, 
périgord noir, 
sud ouest, 
salle de bain, 
périgord vert, 
Gite View From The Gate. One of the best gites in Dordogne with private pool

As you arrive you have a large driveway, with plenty of on-drive parking space, as well as a 3-car walled (and lit) car parking area, off the driveway, and plenty of turning space.

Gite in Dordogne Bedrooms:

The 5 bedroom area of the house is the white-walled area of the house in the photo above.  There are 4 double bedrooms on the ground floor and the huge master double bedroom is upstairs and has both a superking size bed and an additional standard double bed, overlooking the double-height Banquet Hall lounge-kitchen-dining area.  All bedrooms are large double rooms, 3 of which have en-suite bathrooms, 2 have access to the family bathroom.  Gite Bedroom 2 – “Malbec” – has two double beds as well as an en-suite bathroom.

Please note, we can arrange additional beds as necessary.  We have a travel cot available for babies/toddlers and a high-chair, to minimise your luggage, if you prefer.

Gite Bedroom 1 – The Master Bedroom – “Cabernet”

Upstairs Master bedroom Cabernet with ensuite bathroom.  The Master Bedroom with a glimpse of the balcony view, for Dordogne gites with pools
Upstairs Master bedroom Cabernet with Super-King Bed plus double bed and ensuite bathroom
Master bedroom
View of the upstairs Master Bedroom Cabernet, with 2 large double beds and ensuite bathroom
Master ensuite bathroom
Cabernet Bedroom’s Ensuite Bathroom, with large walk-in shower, twin sinks and Victorian raised bath, with spectacular view out across meadows.

Upstairs is the Master Bedroom, fitted with super-king sized (Emperor/Queen) bed, plus a large standard-double bed, as well as a stunning solid-oak balcony overlooking the Banquet Hall lounge-dining-kitchen area.

The Master Bedroom comes with large 5-star hotel quality bathroom facilities, with solid oak beams and beautiful ceramic tiles. The en-suite bathroom is fitted with a large Victorian bath, ceramic double sinks and a large walk-in shower.  While luxuriating in the bath, you can enjoy views out over the upper orchard.

Bath in the master bedroom at this luxury villa
Young boy soaking in the bath after a hard day playing!
Masterbed Ensuite Bathroom. Beautiful victorian bath on legs, with view outside across the upper orchard.
Master bedroom en-suite bathroom. Beautiful Victorian bath on legs, with view outside across the upper orchard.

Gite Bedroom 2 – “Malbec”

Gite Bedroom 2, downstairs, has two kingsize double beds, a large oak wardrobe, as well as a spacious ensuite bathroom with bath/shower facilities.

Malbec Bedroom with 2 large double beds and ensuite bathroom
Malbec Bedroom with 2 large double beds and ensuite bathroom
Malbec bedroom
Malbec Bedroom
Malbec Bedroom's ensuite bathroom
Malbec Bedroom’s Ensuite Bathroom

Gite Bedroom 3 – “Merlot”

Gite Bedroom 3 has a kingsize double bed and character brick fireplace for warm winter evenings, with views out over the upper orchard.  In the small ante-chamber on the way to the en-suite bathroom is a large recessed wardrobe and desk/dresser table.  The large en-suite bathroom has a sizeable walk-in shower and views over the countryside.

Chilling by the Fire
A toasty fire warming this bedroom
Villa Bedroom - Merlot
Bedroom 3 with king double bed, log fireplace and views over the upper orchard.
Villa Bedroom Ensuite Bathroom

Gite Bedroom 4 – “Syrah”

Gite Bedroom 4 has a superking sized double 4-poster bed, for your inner Royalty, a wardrobe and dresser table.

Villa Bedroom - Syrah
Gite Bedroom 4 with royal Four-Poster bed
Syrah with flowers
Syrah Bedroom with Royal Four Poster bed

Main Family Bathroom

Main Family Bathroom
Main Family Bathroom, shared by Syrah and Pinot bedrooms 4 and 5

Gites Dordogne Bedroom 5 – “Pinot”

Gite Bedroom 5 has a kingsize double bed that has the option of inclined headrest.  Wardrobe and dresser, it also has 2 windows, one with views over the front garden and the other the upper orchard.

Pinot room with double bed and double view
Gite Bedroom 5 with split-double bed (each side can independently raise/lower) and 2 outside views, over the front garden and upper orchard.

Air conditioning is not necessary here because of the metre-thick stone walls

Dordogne Gites With Pools

Step in from the swimming pool to this…

Entering The Magic

As you walk from the bedroom area of the gite, along this corridor, you find yourself facing this…

The Gites Narnia wardrobe. luxury holiday homes dordogne, holiday homes, périgord pourpre, luxe vacances
The Narnia wardrobe

When you’re looking for gites in Dordogne with private pool, you wont have been expecting this…

Think back to your childhood.  Or maybe reading to your own children.  Remember the Narnia series, The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Prince Caspian, etc, all by C. S. Lewis.

The children in the stories hide in an ancient, antique wardrobe, and accidentally slip through the back of the wardrobe, into a magical world of fantasy.

Imagine opening that door and going through…

Entering The Magic
Entering The Magic

And through…

Into Narnia in the Gite
Into Narnia in the Gite

The Gite’s Own Banquet Hall

Click here to discover more about the Banquet Hall

Click for details on the Banquet Hall

To find out more, contact us or check availability here <<

Ready to Book? Contact us here to call or message us with any requirements you have, and to place your booking. Check availability here. Any problems or queries whatsoever, just call us here.

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