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Gite Games Room Inc Cinema & Pool Table


The Gite Games Room

Looking for family-friendly villa rentals with pool table or upscale villas with games room?

Is this what you’re looking for?

Gite Games Room Cinema

The Cinema

Equipped with a 3 metre wide screen and powerful, loud surround sound, you can get the full immersive experience of your films or watching the game.

Gite Bar & Pool Table

The Bar

Pour yourself a cold one, maybe a Gin & Tonic, maybe a refreshing beer, as you chat with your friends and family and watch them play the games around you.

Gite Pool Table

The Pool Table

Your gite offers you a full-size 7-foot professional pool table (you can play snooker on it too – we have a full set of snooker balls you can use), so you and your friends and family can have fun getting competitive around the table.

Gite Tennis Table

The Ping-Pong Table

Get active pinging and ponging the ball back and forth on this solid-wood table-tennis table.  You’ll find yourself getting warmer as the competition sets in.

Darts Board

The Darts Board

This professional darts board will give you fun and games, as you play 301, 501, killer or maybe ‘around the clock’.  It is also a subtle way to get your children to do some quick maths and subtractions.

Table Football

The Table-Football Table

For 2 or 4 people to enjoy a game of table football, foosball or babyfoot, depending on where you’re from.  Twist the handles to knock the football forward into the goal.

Air Hockey Table

The Air Hockey Table

With your hand-held handle, whack the puck in and off the side walls of the table to score your goal, while your opponent battles to do the same in reverse.  Warm fun!

Gite Bar Karaokee

The Karaoke Sound System

Yes, there is a party-level sound system for enjoying some good music while you play games in this games room.  Kids and adults alike can enjoy ‘singing’ along to the music with the microphone wired into the sound system.

The Cinema

Gite CinemaGite Cinema wide screenGite Cinema liveGite cinema home theatreCinema and games roomVilla cinema

The Air Hockey Table

Air hockeyGite air hockeyAir hockey and cinema

The Table Football / Foosball / BabyFoot Table

Babyfoot air hockey cinemaBabyfoot foosball tableTable Football

The Table-Tennis PingPong Table

Gite Table TennisVilla Ping Pong TableTable Tennis, Bar and Pool Table

The Pool Table

Gite Pool TableGite Bar & Pool TablePool Table, Darts and PingPong Table Tennis

The Darts Board

Darts BoardDarts, Pool Table tennisGite Villa Darts Board

The Gite Bar

Gite Bar for DrinksBar for Drinks and ChillingBar Karaoke

Looking for premium villas with snooker table equipment or family-friendly villa rentals with pool table? This is exactly what you’re looking for, right here.

Ready to Book? Contact us here to call or message us with any requirements you have, and to place your booking. Check availability here. Any problems or queries whatsoever, just call us here.

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