The Balcony and the Fireman’s Pole

I have always wanted a balcony and I have always wanted a fireman’s pole.  I just think they are cool.  So we built both together.  Inside the house.

Yes, inside this stunning Gite in France, you have your very own solid-oak balcony with its own fireman’s pole!

The finished article is absolutely beautiful, fully built in solid oak and securely fixed into and through the solid stone wall.  The artisan expert carpenter has done exactly the job we wanted and we are incredibly pleased with it.  I’m sure you’ll love it.

The balcony is accessed from the master bedroom upstairs, via a lockable oak-framed twin door.  So you can stop children or anyone from accessing the balcony, if you wish.

In addition to the balcony, in the photo above, you can see the silver/chrome fireman’s pole coming down from the balcony.

So if you feel like a bit of fun, and a faster way to get from bedroom to lounge or kitchen, you can slide down the fireman’s pole.

The balcony has a solid oak floor, in which is a secure hatch which can be closed and locked (with a padlock and key) if you have children or anyone you are concerned about using the fireman’s pole.  Use it entirely at your own risk and own fun!

When you stay at this family-friendly gite in Dordogne, you will be handed an envelope with the key to the padlock for the fireman’s pole and separately another envelope for the door to access the balcony.  You can choose if and when anyone has access to either the balcony and the fireman’s pole.

Our kids absolutely love it, and also have games playing ‘who can climb up the fireman’s pole’.

Whether you use it is entirely up to you, when you stay in this beautiful gite.

When you are looking for Dordogne villas with private pools and fun, family environments, this gite will have everything you need.

Below is the view from the balcony, looking out over the lounge, central fireplace and kitchen (this photo was obviously taken at Christmas).

Gite balcony view

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