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Food On Arrival

Food on arrival
What food would you like on arrival?

Before you arrive, you might want to consider what food you want on your first day.  There are a few options.

  1. Shop and DIY cook

    You can do a quick shop to get enough food for the first day or so. 

    Coming in to our nearest town of St Yrieix, if you are coming from the north, either from Calais, or from Limoges airport, you will pass the supermarket called Casino Hypermarché.   This is an ok supermarket.  The Intermarché supermarket at Glandon is a better and cheaper one, but Casino is ok for the first day. 

    If you are coming from the south, eg from the airports of Bergerac or Bordeaux, you would pass Intermarché.

    Next the Intermarché, there is a new shop called Picard which does excellent frozen food – think frozen food from Waitrose. 
  2. We can arrange to do the shopping for you, if you arrange your shopping list with us.  If you want, we can get something like a lasagne for easy-oven serving, for your first night’s dinner.
  3. Private Cook:
    You may be a little travel-fatigued, so you might not want to cook for everyone. There are a few options, other than simply going out to a restaurant – see good local restaurants here.

    We have a couple of good local cooks who will home cook a meal specially for you and your requirements, and deliver it to the house when you arrive, so you either have a ready, cold buffet, pop a meal in the oven, or have the cook stay and serve and clear up for you too.

    This is arranged as a bespoke meal for you and can be 1 to 4 courses, so costs vary.  This may be 20-40 euros per head.  The stay-and-serve option is priced accordingly, and the more courses, the more expensive. You might want to arrange shopping for wine with your meal.

    Here is a message from one of our local cooks to us, explaining what she offers;

I do
– Arrival buffets,
– Shopping for arrivals,
– Evening Dinners, served or dropped off .

The arrival buffet is a selection of cold dishes, that I prep and leave at the property on the day of arrival. All ready just to take from the fridge and eat at the guests leisure. Price is based on how many and choices. I’ve just done one for 10 people, it included two quiches, salads selections, cheese and meat platters, bread, two dessert choices and was €220 total.

Shopping – the guests send me a list, again I drop it all at the house on the day their arrive and charge €20 an hour in addition to the cost of shopping. I leave the receipts and a bill for my time.

Evening meals – again price varies on choices. I did an Evening meal last night for 12. Four courses, three choices for starter, main and dessert and I leave them with a cheese platter to enjoy. I cook, serve and clear away, other than the cheese and glasses of course. Yesterdays was €36 per head. I can do a pre prepped meal that I drop off during the afternoon of the chosen evening. Of course that would be a bit less per head if I’m not serving etc. obvs  Any dietary needs are discussed and I work with one in the group closely to be sure it is all up to scratch. I try to do French style meals but with a familiar feel to it, I use local produce, why wouldn’t you – we have such amazing produce here. Also all very seasonal and fresh, again it’s too good not to. Hope this covers any questions

Private Local Cook

Please contact Duncan here to discuss what you want for Food On Arrival.

Ready to Book? Contact us here to call or message us with any requirements you have, and to place your booking. Check availability here. Any problems or queries whatsoever, just call us here.

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