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Christmas Villas: Beautiful Photos From The Christmas Gite

Holiday rental at Christmas

We had guests staying at our large house to rent for Christmas this winter and they clearly had a wonderful time!

They very kindly sent me some photos and videos of their stay at the Christmas gite and gave permission to show them to you.

So here you go…

(The decorations and hats etc are ours and can be available to you, as part of the Xmas villa package)

Christmas Villas

The guests here are French so the sweet little girl is speaking French to Father Christmas who is up on the balcony. “Kookoo” is a cute childish way to say “Hello”. Watch how he enters the room…

As you scroll down through these photos and videos, imagine being there with your family and friends for this wonderful holiday and sharing your presents together.

Christmas villas - Christmas gite
Christmas Villas in Dordogne, France. Xmas tree decorated beautifully with presents next to the chimney
Xmas villa dinner at the Banquet Table
Xmas Villa Dinner at the long Banquet Table

Below are a few photos showing the daft Xmas glasses we have which you could enjoy.

Christmas Villa Holidays France.  Daft hats and glasses
Christmas Gite Decorations, hats and glasses

Because this is a large holiday villa which sleeps up to 14 people, you can come for your winter holiday (or summer holidays), with your family plus maybe friends or another family.

Xmas gite glasses
Daft Xmas Glasses
Santa glasses

Christmas Villas are few and far between at this level. With the villa stunningly finished to high specifications, you and your family can relax by the fire and have a wonderful winter holiday. Your Christmas gite has all you need for a fun and relaxed stay.

Kisses for the Reindeer
Santas Elf ears and hat
Santas Elf ears and hat

We also have a number of other fun decorations like these Santa’s Elf ears and hat.

Family at the gite
Everyone by the fire and tree

So there you have it. Beautiful aren’t they?

Still looking for Christmas Villas photos and details? There are a couple of other pages here.

Your luxury family friendly gite in France.

You can see some other photos and details here in this winter wonderland here and here. And here for more on your Villa for Christmas South France.

Your Christmas Gite

Ready to Book? Contact us here to call or message us with any requirements you have, and to place your booking. Check availability here. Any problems or queries whatsoever, just call us here.

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