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Luxury Villas in France with Private Pools

Luxury villas France private pools

As a family, going on a luxury villa holiday you need holiday properties with a fantastic private pool, for the perfect summer holiday.

Luxury villas in France need to be of the highest, most sumptuous standard; you need large, secure and private swimming pools, and maybe near historic towns in rural France for some delightful days out as a family.

Large Villa Holidays in France with Pool and Lake

One of the facilities or features often requested by families looking to rent villas in France or large holiday villas abroad is the option for eating alfresco overlooking their private pool.

For a truly indulgent getaway, look no further than the stunning luxury villas France has to offer.

Experience the ultimate luxury with a villa with private pool, perfect for a relaxing holiday in the sun

This is the Luxury Gite Dordogne Villa here.

Holiday Homes’ Pools With A View

When looking for a luxurious holiday experience in France, consider renting villas in France with pool to enjoy the ultimate relaxation and comfort.

Escape to the stunning south of France and indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with luxury French villas with private pools, offering a lavish and exclusive retreat for the discerning traveller.

Due to new laws in France in any villa holiday home to rent, the private pool must be made safe from the possibility of children (or adults) accidentally drowning.

A common method that answers this legal requirement, perhaps in the less-luxury end of the market for your villa with private pool in France, is a fence. Often this is a wire fence, not unlike you might see around a tennis court.

Ugly Safety

This is functional and does keep children safely out of the pool when not supervised, but it isn’t really what you want to be looking at while enjoying your moules mariniere and glass of chablis wine!

Holiday Homes Without a View!

Often, otherwise luxury villas in France, and particularly villas with private pools, are spoilt in this way. You might find fantastic French villa holiday properties, but the private pool lets the whole luxury villa holiday down!

Either they’ve put less-than-beautiful fence around their private swimming pool, or they have put all their effort making stylish villas without too much thought to the swimming pool.

Beautiful Safety

It is so much better at your villa in France to rent, to have the option of eating alfresco overlooking the swimming pool, either within the swimming pool enclosure, or with a better thought out safety mechanism.

Holiday Villas in France in Quiet-Country Seclusion

For instance, have a look at this private swimming pool enclosure…

Heated swimming pool. France villa properties not at the beach coast. luxury villas with privat pool, infinity pool with wi fi, pool villas, villa rental, holiday cottage france private pool
Heated private pool with secure glass enclosure

Private Villa With Pool

Indulge in the ultimate luxury holiday experience by renting exquisite villas in the South of France with a private pool, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and comfort.

You can see that the heated swimming pool is very large itself, has a large area within the enclosure, of solid patio slab flooring to use the swimming pool from, as well as the green grass area for relaxing on a sun lounger.

Private swimming pool not at beaches resorts. Not the beach
Secure glass enclosure around the swimming pool

And vitally important, the enclosure itself is made of strong safety glass, so you can see in to the swimming pool area, and out from it.

Imagine for your summer holiday, sitting on the large top step of the heated swimming pool, with a refreshing cold drink in your hand, watching your family enjoying the water, and looking out across a near-360-degree stunning view of rolling countryside; open land, forests and hills.

That is what the best, glass enclosures at villas with private pools offer you for your family holidays.

Discover This Perfect Large Villa Holidays in France with Pool and Lake…

Holiday Homes with Beautiful Security

Private swimming pool not a France beach
Your own private swimming pool

When you visit France, your French villas, cottages and holiday homes should offer stunning locations, historic towns and houses in walking distance or an easy drive, fantastic bedrooms, and a sumptuous pool as a focal point.

Your perfect holiday home, whether in the Loire Valley, Provence, Atlantic coast, near sandy beaches, the Mediterranean sea, the French Riviera, Cote d’azur, or in rolling countryside, can include all the elements you require.

The private pools ideal is to have a remote, private and heated swimming pool that you and only you get to appreciate.

Child friendly villa france
The heated pool in secure enclosure

Find Your Luxury Private Pool

There are many holiday homes and villas in France with great facilities and amenities in the houses, but often they are in town or in a busy village, and you have to contend with a neighbour – either they are noisy, or you might worry about being noisy for them.

Better to be in the remote country areas of South West France, full of lavender fields and vineyards (north from the Côte d’azur which is too busy and touristy).

Your own pool
Your own pool

Private Heated Pool

Family groups travelling by car have a lot more access to luxury villas in France, because the remote country roads mean you’ll want a car to pop out and enjoy restaurants and the quiet countryside.

If you’ve visited country after country, the south west France is perfect for quiet summer holiday homes.

Top properties and villas with pools, and either with air conditioning or thick stone walls, will give you the option of staying in your holiday homes seclusion, sunbathing by the pool, having a barbecue, or exploring nearby beaches with friends and family.

It is a worthy reminder to make sure your villas have air conditioning or thick stone walls, because a summer holiday in France can get very hot, especially in the south west, where temperatures can reach 40 degrees C.

No air conditioning needed - thick stone walls are cool
No air conditioning needed – thick stone walls keep you cool

Luxury Villas France Private Pools

You can stop looking for holiday villas now. You’ve found one of the best available!

It is not on the Cote d’azur, or Provence, or beach coast, so it is not too noisy or insanely expensive.

This is a luxurious villa property in France, for families to enjoy time together, located in the peace of the country

Lake for peace

Your French Villa Holiday

This sumptuous villa property is your own perfect kingdom, remote from the trials and noise of the world.

Families come here to get away from it all.

Often we host multiple families, or multi-generational familes and many times for a significant event.

It might be Grandma’s birthday. It might be Mum’s retirement. And all the adult offspring get together, bringing their own children.

Banquet feast
A family feast at the Banquet Table

This large villa, located in South France, can sleep up to 14 people.

There are many local restaurants which you can see reviewed here, as well as local markets.

Your Families Villa in France with the Perfect Pool

A perfect example of a house with pool france has to offer.

As you can see, we have the perfect pool for you and your family.

You will have fun here together, and do so safely within the stunning secure glass enclosure.

Holiday villas in the sun in France. house with pool france, haut de gamme, salle de bain, départ
Holiday villa in the sun in France

Experience the ultimate in opulence and relaxation with a stay in one of our exquisite luxury villas in France.

As holiday makers and parents, you can relax on the terrace patio, maybe eating or having a drink, while still being able to see into the pool area with your children playing in the pool.

Discover More at this Large Luxury Villa in France…

Your Own Banquet Hall

This converted stone barn is a large vaulted double-height space, all finished to very high standards, in solid oak throughout, containing a lounge, central brick chimney and fireplace, 6-metre Dining Table and open Country Kitchen.

Villa kitchen
Villa kitchen
Banquet Table
Banquet Table ready for a feast!

Self Catering Accommodation & Kitchen

You can enjoy using the large Country Kitchen within

Self catering gite
Self catering villa

Private Chef in France

Having your own private chef for all or part of your summer holiday is a delightful way to allow everyone on your family holidays to relax properly.

Mum or dad don’t have to cook every meal!

We have a few chefs local to us, that create fantastic food and beautiful meals, so you don’t have to spend so much time in the kitchen on your perfect holiday!

The Lounge

Villa lounge
Villa lounge

Large, Luxurious Bedrooms at This Villa

There are 5 double bedrooms here, all finished to a very high standard. Three bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms. The master bedroom has an ensuite looking out over a stunning view of orchards and forests.

Master bedroom of 5 bedrooms
The Master Bedroom

Two bedrooms are double-double – that is, they have 2 double beds, so can sleep up to 4 people per room.

Villa bedrooms
Luxurious villa bedrooms

We also have travel cots for small babies and toddlers.

One of the bedrooms has a feature brick chimney and a changing area.

One of the bedrooms has a Royal four-poster bed.

Villa bedroom
Luxury Holidays

Two of the bedrooms uses the family bathroom at the end of the corridor.

Large Games Room

Games Room at the luxury villa
Games Room at this Luxury Villa

You can use this large Games Room, which is located just next to the Banquet Hall. This has a solid oak drinks bar, full-size pool table, darts board, ping pong table, air hockey and table football. It also has a Cinema with 3-metre wide screen and a collection of films (please check through this collection of films for age-appropriateness).

You also have the option, if you’re feeling adventurous, of joining our French language holidays in the luxury of this environment, while learning the French language is an immersive way, and enjoying a sumptuous holiday.

Experience the ultimate relaxation and indulgence at our luxury gites in France with private pool, where you can unwind in style and enjoy the tranquility of your own exclusive retreat.

Book Your Stunning Family Summer Holiday Here Now

Indulge in the ultimate luxury holiday experience by renting exquisite villas in the South of France with a private pool, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and comfort.

Book direct with us for zero booking fees.

More about your luxury villas in France with private pools here

Ready to Book? Contact us here to call or message us with any requirements you have, and to place your booking. Check availability here. Any problems or queries whatsoever, just call us here.

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