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Paint Holidays: Luxury Painting Holidays in France

Painting holiday in France

Painting Holidays in France: Discover, Create, and Rejuvenate

Painting Holidays

Brush in hand, a glass of local wine by your side, and the French countryside before you – this is what painting holidays in France promise. If you’ve ever dreamt of unleashing your creative side amid serene landscapes, meeting new friends, and refining your artistic techniques, you’ve found your paradise.

art holiday for your painting holiday

Why Painting Holidays?

New Skills: From watercolour to pastels, dive deep and return home with a treasure trove of art techniques from your art holiday.


Meet People: Our painting holidays are perfect for making new friends. Sharing laughter, creativity, and wine, beginners and more experienced artists come together in a harmonious blend.


Relax in Style: Not only is our villa in the south west of France a idyll of countryside remoteness, the surrounding area is stunning, invoking tranquillity, inner peace and inspiration

best painting holidays for painting classes with other passionate painters not in spain

More on This Luxury Villa in France…

The Perfect Surroundings & Perfect Inspiration

France, with its rolling hills, historic chateaus, and vineyards, provides the perfect inspiration for passionate painters. Whether you’re sketching a sunset over the Dordogne or capturing the morning light in pastels, the surroundings speak to your inner artist on your painting holiday.

artist alongside you for art courses to boost the inner artist, for solo travellers

Painting Tutors – Experienced Artists

Our art courses are led by brilliant artists who’ve dedicated their lives to the craft. Painting alongside these artists, you’re guaranteed personal guidance, whether you’re exploring watercolour or acrylic.

more experienced artists can enjoy painting in small groups for new skills

Individualized Coaching: We maintain small groups, ensuring every artist gets the attention they deserve.

Diverse Techniques: From drawing to paint application, dive into varied art courses during your holiday.

Artist easel

Painting Holiday En Plein Air

What’s a painting holiday in France without en plein air sessions? Painting out in the open air, you connect deeper with the landscapes, absorbing every hue, shadow, and silhouette.

painting to boost your creative side on holidays for art and sharing laughter on holiday to paint

Learn More on This Luxury Villa

Why France

A land that’s inspired countless artworks, songs, and stories. With its rich history, culture, and unmatched landscapes, it’s no wonder it ranks high on the list of best painting holidays.

You can have painting classes out in the sun, with a warm wind rustling the trees, as you sip a fine Bordeaux or Burgundy red, with other passionate painters around you.

drawing for beginners courses then return home to sketch more techniques

Why Dordogne

Dordogne, with its medieval towns, river valleys, and ancient caves, offers a unique blend of natural and architectural beauty. For those looking to delve deep into watercolour art or any other medium, this region is a canvas waiting to be painted.


Medium – Watercolour Painting, Oil, Acrylic

Whether you’re a lover of watercolour, oil, or acrylic, or enjoy a quick sketch for your artwork, our courses cater to all. Our tutors will guide you through each medium’s intricacies, ensuring you leave with masterpieces and cherished memories.


But Why Not Spain?

While Spain has its charm, France’s romantic aura, combined with the Dordogne’s splendor, makes it unparalleled for art holidays. Besides, there’s nothing quite like French wine to ignite your creativity!

France also offers you easier access, given that you can either fly, drive or get the train – or even get the boat!

There is also a lot of conjoined history between England and France that might be more interesting to bring to life on your painting holidays.


Travelling Solo

Solo travellers are welcome, as are beginners and any small group. For solo travellers there is a single supplements for the rooms because there are only 5 bedrooms.

countryside Europe

In Conclusion

Painting holidays in France aren’t just about art. They’re about finding your creative tribe, indulging your senses in the French countryside, and rejuvenating your soul. With tailored art courses, guidance from excellent artists, and the company of other passionate artists, your journey here will be etched in paint, memories, and new friendships.

Don’t wait. Book your painting holiday now and awaken the artist alongside others just as passionate as you. Whether it’s watercolour painting that beckons you or the allure of acrylic, our canvas awaits. Here’s to new beginnings, shared sketches, and wine glasses clinking under the French sun!

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Ready to Book? Contact us here to call or message us with any requirements you have, and to place your booking. Check availability here. Any problems or queries whatsoever, just call us here.

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