The Local Area

This is a stunning area of France, nestled in the North East side of the Dordogne, in the Perigord Vert region.  That means it has fantastic warm sunny summers, without the dry, barren brown grass of the more southern regions of the Dordogne.  Think ‘comfy picnics’, not sharp dry spikey grass stubs to sit on!

The house is near Jumilhac Le Grand, a small town with a truly stunning chateau…


The stunning Jumilhac Chateau

The Jumilhac Chateau is open for tours in the afternoons.  The seasonal opening times are on the door.

We can thoroughly recommend the restaurant overlooking this chateau (to the right of this photo).  You can sit and enjoy the view and a 3 course lunch for only 13 Euros.

Driving around the area is a joy, exploring the apple fields and valleys.

St Yrieix La Perche  (which is just across the border into Haute-Vienne department in the Limousin region) is a larger town nearby which as all the amenities you might want, from supermarkets, cafes, pubs, to many restaurants, to functional amenities like the tourist information office (which is useful) and hospital (which hopefully you will never need!)


Le Mairie – The Mayor’s Office in St Yrieix La Perche

St Yrieix has a large and beautiful medieval quarter which you will enjoy strolling around, as well as some interesting shops.

st-yrieix-la-perche church

The church in St Yrieix La Perche

The area is known for its porcelain, so there are quite a few porcelain shops.  There is also a porcelain village – a museum of the area’s history of porcelain.

In St Yrieix there is also a decent sized water park/pool to entertain the kids (and larger ones!) here.


The Centre Aquatique Villasport, in St Yrieix

There is a public swimming lake called Lac d’Arfuille, which is about 1km north from the centre of St Yrieix.  Map here.  More information here.


The Lac d’Arfueille


lac arfeuille

St Yrieix Lac d’Arfueille

29 minutes south of the gite is the Hautefort Chateau, another stunning old French castle, brimming with history.

The Hautefort Chateaux

The Hautefort Chateau

… Which has these beautiful gardens…

The gardens of the Hautefort Chateaux

The gardens of the Hautefort Chateau

Map to Hautefort Chateau is here.  More information is here.

About a 50 minute drive south from the farmhouse is the Grotte de Lascaux – the Lascaux cave – map here.

Lascaux cave painting

Lascaux cave painting

Lascau cave painting

Lascau cave painting

This is where, 14,000 years ago, your ancestors painted the cave with ancient art, of the animals they used and revered.  It is a fascinating day out if you or any of your kids are into history or caveman times.  It is quite exciting and well worth a visit.  More information here.

While you are taking a day out at Lascaux, you might as well take a stroll around the pretty town of Montignac as well.

A little further afield, Perigueux town is beautiful.  If you are travelling through either Bergerac or Bordeaux airport, if you can, it is worth taking a detour to visit Perigueux…

Perigueux cathedral

Perigueux cathedral