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Sunset Date Night

Luxury villa for familes

Walking from the house, off the terrace, passed the swimming pool towards the forest, you come to this spot…

Sunset date night
Sunset Date Night

I created this flat area originally for camping, at the very wise request of my eldest sister. She realised this was the very spot that gets the last sun on the whole property, so it is a beautiful place to be at the end of the day.

She is wise beyond her years.

Or because of them 😉

Now, this area gets used for fantastic evening dinners.

(My sister is still occasionally allowed to camp here. She has designers-rights on this patch).

Esther and I had dinner here in September and took these photos to show it off.

We use it as some couple-time, away from the kids – they can entertain themselves at the house – there’s enough to occupy them there.

Hence why we call it “Sunset Date Night“.

Enjoy your time here together
Would you enjoy a dinner date night together here?

What we love to do is cook in the house, usually a sumptuous ribeye steak with chips cooked in the Gourmet Chip Maker (see elsewhere on this site), then drive (yes, drive, in the car – it is far enough to justify driving) over to the Sunset Date Night spot, with all the cutlery, bottle(s) of wine, condiments, sauces etc, and, as the sun creeps down behind the horizon, and enjoy the food and each other’s company for an hour or two.

Love your family holidays together
Sunset by the forest

In the photo above, you can see, you’re sitting right by the chestnut forest in the background.

Sunset dinner view back to the house
You can see the house and swimming pool to the top right, behind the glare of the sunset

So, when Esther and I took these photos, as is often the way in rural France, after maybe an hour having dinner, our lovely farmer neighbour Xav rolled by to pick up some hay bales and parked his tractor next to us, to enjoy a(nother) glass of wine with us…

Visitor while dining
A neighbour drops by on his way to get some hay bales – and a glass of wine with us.

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