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This Villa French Experience

villa french port

You’ll have a great time when you take your holidays in France, due to the abundance of luxury villas and holiday villas with private pool.

Private Pool

A swimming pool is a must with your villa holiday in south of France.

swimming pool at your holiday rental, private pools for holidays in France. Villas in France - your luxury villas - holiday villas with beach and sand for you

French villa holidays: the luxury of space and choice

The French population is approximately the same size as the UK and the holiday villas are predominantly generous and spacious.

Take a walk along acres of secluded grounds and enjoy an entirely private swimming pool; it is an ingenious way of transforming an ancient farmhouse into an exquisite villa in France without compromising any of its charm.

Holiday Villas in France

With a large selection of villas in France, there are carefully selected villas for your needs.

Famous French villa in France.

Best Time To Visit France

The best days for touring France vary depending on where you will visit. The South of France is an extreme scorching hotspot in summer and the climate of the Mediterranean gets even more vibrant with the people.

Luxury villas in south of France with private pool near French Riviera on the côte d'azur or not

Discover More Around Your Luxury Villa…

The Banquet Hall

The Banquet Hall
Your Own Banquet Hall

Large Heated Pool

Gite in France with Private Pool
Your Own Private Pool

From mid-July through August it’s warm and the pool water reaches high temperatures around 35 degrees+ at high levels. If a person wants to visit France during the off season, visit between May – June or September – November.

The Christmas season also makes for an enjoyable holiday time – think about the Christmas mornings in French chateaux – old castles. See all winter vacation destinations in France.

accommodation properties and villas in France with private pool, Loire regions

Villas in France

Almost every villa in Paris has its own character and personality that reflects each style through history.

Take in breath taking views of the sea in Corsica, relax in a secluded beachfront pool on the coast of Azur – cote d’Azur – and enjoy the beautiful medieval towns of Dordogne valley.

Luxury Holidays with Swimming pool in France.

Collection of charming properties for families in france, perigord, dordogne

All Corsica type homes are found along its southern coast. Choose one of the romantic vacations, go on historic tours to a quiet spot or stay there.

Various luxury French villas have been chosen from prestigious locations along the coast. Take in the sun-soaked garden of medieval Giraud, stay close to the stars…

Holidays in our luxury villas in France

From the windy shoreline of Normandy to the leafy forests of Provence or the French Riviera, an adventure on the French Riviera has many hidden attractions.

french Riviera, arch, arched

Choose France on your upcoming trip for an unforgettable trip. You are able to have a beach villa anywhere coast and luxurious villas anywhere inland.

Luxury Villas

So choose your starting points, find your dream holiday home and enjoy your family villa holiday in France! Look at cottages in North France. Stay inside a house bursting with history.

Villas holidays in France - French villa holiday near Mont Saint Michel

Take a holiday in Normandy and discover all the sights, attractions, natural beauty and the magnificent museums.

Eating and Drinking in France

Food plays a vital role in our daily french culture. It is a paradise of frog legs, snails and the most cherished croque monsieur.

French food from the market with wine, culture in the village

It’s where lazy long dinners, people-watching at a café and eating later on is purely second-nature.

French Culture

The food itself is a tribute to countless regions across the nation. The Chinese love goat’s cheese creamier and glazed with honey. Similarly duck is King of Dordogne (particularly in conjunction with foi gras and truffle).

In the south the food is often boat-to-table. Moules marinière with frites is a staple dish along the coastline, and thick Provencal Bouillabaisse are an opulent signature in Marseille.

You might like to go fully immersive on a French language holiday where you stay with the owner and learn French in a luxury French setting.

Why Choose French Villas?

We fell in love with France from the start and this really is the only reason we are here. It is a stunning place for food and a great place to go.

When you come to your French villa you will see exactly why.

villa holidays near côte d'azur with Mediterranean climate for France's perfect holiday

France villa holiday guide

These luxury villas in France offer the opportunity for a true immersion in the French countryside and the surrounding countryside. It has incredible diversity in its landscapes — mountains roll into aromatic lavender fields in Provence.

Cannes, a city renowned for haute couture and the International Film Festival oozes old-fashioned glamour.

Base Biarritz has imperial castle ruins and surfers’ homes.

Discover More…

Lost in translation: French ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’

French people have long enjoyed dry and straight speaking wit, relaxed approach to life and indulgence in life. And behind that stereotypical cold façade there’s a warm-welcome and an embracing local population.

No Rules, Only Freedom

On a vacation – les vacances – the whole experience should make it unforgettable. Let go of the obligations and let our team organize a completely customized trip.

They’ll simplify your day and provide the perfect place to share special memories with people you love. Customisable.

Popular France Villa Picks

You already chose your country destination, you must now choose a destination you will also be pleased with. It involves finding something that offers the most important things to get the right holiday. It’s entirely up to you. Let’s find some common choices.

eiffel tower, paris, france

An introduction to France

This villa in France offers an exciting destination to discover! Amidst its picturesque fishing harbours and glorious countryside, it is a playground for the rich and famous.

beach villa near village

Inspiration for your France Villa Holiday

It has few destinations around the world as beautiful and varied as the dream destination. Villa vacations in France are all about life, so let’s welcome the next trip….

French Villa Holiday

Your luxury villa in south of France should be spacious, and high-end quality.

There is nothing worse than booking what you think will be an amazing France holiday, thinking it is going to involve a luxury villa in the south west France of the highest spec and quality, only to discover that the beach is dirty or your guests cant walk around a certain area.

Family Villas in France

France’s ability to give an astonishing private holiday in beautiful seclusion is second to none. You just need to book the perfect holiday with the right luxury villa and Mediterranean climate. We also specialise in autism friendly holidays abroad.

Whether you want to go to Provence or côte d’azur, you need the best private property with stunning bedrooms and country air for your family house with swimming pool and private gardens.

Discover More Here…

Self Catering Accommodation

The French coast is nice but it not the be-all-end-all of French holidays. Family villas need to give you the space and freedom for your family to enjoy the country and the peace indoors.

The bedrooms offered by many luxury villas are usually top notch for families.

There are many a charming country house with stunning pools and accommodation for you to enjoy. The price for this will vary around France and region to region. The price will also vary from season to season. Families with a larger budget can consider the south coast which is more expensive. Inland and in a valley you may find the price is better suited.

The best restaurants
Delicious food at local French restaurants

Hand Picked Villas With Stunning Bedrooms

If you like a fine glass of wine and top service with your accommodation, you can appreciate the south France area, from alps to Pyrenees, including the sand of the southern beach.

There are a hand picked collection of family homes across the regions at an affordable price that give stunning views and service, as well as peaceful bedrooms to sleep.

Our house and swimming pool in the country area of Dordogne regions allow for a country walk and splashing in the pool, away from the noise of the beach.

There are are a collection of nearby activities including a sand beach at the local lake and a market you can search for truffles and wine wine.

Book Now

To book this luxury villa in south France, click here to contact us, either by online form, email or phone, to discuss your specific requirements.

Ready to Book? Contact us here to call or message us with any requirements you have, and to place your booking. Check availability here. Any problems or queries whatsoever, just call us here.

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